An Idea To Change The Way We Look At Laptops

We have seen over the last few years the growth of the smartphone industry. Phones have gone from devices you could just call and text from only a decade ago to the handheld personal computer that you can take anywhere today. This is even the same with how we have seen changes in the laptop market, and with the introduction of Intel’s new latest chip that uses less energy, and doesn’t require a fan to keep cooler.

Laptop screens have come a long way too, we are now starting to see 4K monitors appearing on top of the line laptops for content creators, and gaming enthusiasts alike. Technology has advanced so much that we even see 1440P screens ending up in our smartphones, which gives them an astounding DPI over 500. Samsung has shown that they are producing smartphones with a curved screen, these screens are made of a material that is malleable giving the screen a bendable structure like a piece of paper. This is a piece of technology that we have heard rumours about for ages, and to finally see it on a smartphone is magnificent, but how come we are not seeing this technology used in laptops to shave weight or to create laptops that have the capability for dual or triple monitors.

“I am surprised with the decreases in laptop sales that companies have not looked to change the way consumers look at laptops altogether, and make a new path for the laptop industry toward a market that competes with the desktop.”

Laptops have been losing revenue to tablets for a few years now, mostly because tablets have the same capabilities of the new netbooks and they are more portable and easier to use than some conventional netbooks. Laptops have also been losing sales to desktops, because of the customization that can be done with desktops and the lower cost of buying to performance ratio of a desktop over a laptops price to performance ratio. To regain a footing in the personal computer market, laptop manufacturers need to throw a ‘Hail Mary’ and reach in to the next solar system to gain an edge over desktop computers.

I believe the ‘Hail Mary’ that the laptop market needs is to add a second or third screen to compete with the desktop market. Laptops already have great hardware, it may be a little inferior to desktop hardware but dual/triple screen setups have become a regular for pc enthusiasts with the increasing of Youtubers, and game streamers. Even students would benefit a dual screen setup as most students are running more than one program at a time, usually a browser and a word document, and being able to have an extra screen could increase the productivity of students time due to no need of switching between programs. With Windows-based operating systems most don’t know about using Tab+Alt to switch quickly between applications causing time lost on clicking with the trackpad, while on the Mac operating system you can have multiple programs opened on various screens and just using four fingers you can switch between each screen, again most don’t know or use this feature to switch between programs causing time lost in clicking with the trackpad. So with all this in mind let me ask you a question;

Would you buy a laptop if it had the capability to use dual/triple screen setup over the standard one screen, even if the cost was a little more?

I know I would and I believe there is a niche market out there for this product. I hope we begin to see this soon, especially as we see an improvement in the hardware used in laptops and with the increased demand for less time lost due to switching between programs.

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