Samsung’s New Lineup

Samsung was the innovator that pushed the phablet to it’s success today, and showed they still reign supreme as they launched their 4th installment to their continuing phablet line in Berlin on Wednesday at the IFA consumer electronics show.

But this was not all we saw at Samsung’s launch. We also saw the Note Edge, a phone with a screen curved at the edge to the back for a better viewing experience of notifications, time, and weather when the phone is sitting flat on a table.


Photo from TheVerge of the new Note Edge

Note Edge

The Note Edge is sporting a 5.6’’ AMOLED display at 2560×1440 resolution what Samsung is calling a Quad HD Display. The device also has an extra 160 pixels that are for the curved part of the screen that provides information when the phone sits flat and viewed from the side. The Note Edge is releasing with only one processor, a 2.7GHz quad-core processor, unlike the Note 4 which will sport two different processors. Even though the Note Edge will only get one processor option, it comes with two memory options, a 32GB and a 64GB device. The Note Edge will be able to run multiple apps in the background with ease due to it’s 3GB of ram. The Edge comes with a whopping 3000 mAh battery to keep it running to the day’s end.


Photo from Phones Review of the new Note 4

Note 4

The Note 4 on the other hand is sporting a 5.7’’ AMOLED display that runs at the same resolution as the Edge, but has an astounding 515 ppi over last years Note 3 with 386 ppi. We see that the Note 4 will be available with two separate processors, a 2.7Ghz quad-core, and a 1.9Ghz octa-core processor. The 2.7GHz quad-core processor is running the Snapdragon 805 chipset, while the 1.9GHz octa-core processor will be running the Exynos 5433 chipset. One drawback I see with the Note 4 is the fact that there is only one option for memory, a 32GB version, it would have been nice to see a 64GB version as well. To power this powerful device the Note 4 will be running a 3220 mAh battery.


Both phones will ship with a 16 megapixel rear camera, with Smart Optical Image Stabilizer to deal with camera shake. The front facing camera is a 3.7 megapixel camera with a 90 degree shooting angle and up to 120 degree for a wider view for group shots.

Samsung’s Features

Both phones will come with an improved S Pen that is more Air Command user-friendly, that uses Action Memo, Smart Select, Image Clip, and Screen Write. There is a new S Pen feature that lets users take a picture of a paper note, or classroom whiteboard and the phone easily converts this to a S Note that can be edited in the S Note app. Both phones will come shipped with fingerprint scanners, heart rate monitor, and with a new UV sensor for Samsung’s newest gear.

It is likely that the Note 4 will cost $700 off contract and $300 on contract, just like last years Note 3. The Note Edge could cost around the same price since it has the same features, but with the curved screen it may cost a little more than the long waited Note 4. We will see the Note 4 hit the consumer market in October, and the Note Edge will hit the market later in the year.


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