Will Apple’s New iPhone have a Bigger Screen?


The start of the cellphone evolution we all wanted smaller and more portable cellphones. It all began with the infamous car phone. A phone that plugged into your cigarette lighter that used a big antenna on the side, giving off more radiation than we wanted to know. This device started the cellphone and when the cellphone was only used for calling we wanted smaller and smaller phones. We even started text messaging, but smaller phones were still the fad in the early 2000’s. But with the invention of touch screens and the introduction of the iPhone, we have seen larger phones become the new fad.


Blackberry just thought touch screen technology was just going to be a short phase in the smartphones lifeline, but this brief prediction almost destroyed Blackberry, taking their phones out of the consumer market. We now have a new type of smartphone called the Phablet, and with Apple finally releasing multiple models this year, will we see a bigger screened iPhone to compete with the Android operating system phones that have bigger screens.


picture from Mac Rumors website

New news from Apple say’s this may be the case, since Apple is bringing out a bigger screened iPad to compete with Samsung’s Mega screened tablet that has a screen size of 12.2’’. This proves that a bigger screened iPhone may be in the future, and possibly with the new iPhone 6. There has also been some news escaping from Apple that the new iPhone 6 will have a lesser bevel at the edges of the screen giving it a more sleek look.


With Apple starting to change their iPhone design to compete with Android’s operating system phones, does this mean Apple is becoming scared of the Samsung smartphones?

It may just be that the smartphone’s buyers are changing their minds about what they want in a phone, and Apple needs to change their design to keep up with the masses so they don’t have a fate just like Blackberries phones had in the smartphone industry.

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