Rooftop Garden Oasis in Toronto… Good Idea or Bad?

Since it’s been awhile to see a post on here that is written by me, instead of posts I find on the inter-web that I want to share with all of you followers of this site. I will mostly be rambling on about a problem I have been thinking about over the past few weeks and hopefully my thoughts will bring you a creative edge over your competition.



A topic my thoughts keep coming back to is the smog and smell problem that has been getting worse and worse with the heat of the summer in Toronto, and my thought on how condo buildings could use this to their advantage in gaining more money for condo fees and making their building a must live in condo building of the city.


toronto traffic

Toronto is behind in a few ways compared to other cities around the world, as we have the worst traffic over all of them. This may be due to our cities layout of the roads which is the most frustrating thing when you need to get somewhere, and in my opinion the main cause of our traffic problem in the city. But let’s get back to the original thought that keeps coming to my mind, and I will bore you another time with my thoughts on Toronto’s city layout. Now part is that the traffic is causing this smog and smell, so condo buildings could learn a lot by viewing a city called New York and the famous Manhattan city and their innovation of how to lower smog pollution by planting more trees without tearing down all the high rise buildings.



Now imagine living near the CN tower in downtown Toronto and having the luxury of going to the rooftop of your building and there being a rooftop garden oasis you can enjoy that has flowers, trees and benches to enjoy. Would knowing you could have a potential 360 cityscape view that you could enjoy in a peaceful garden overlooking Toronto increase how desirable and the amount you would pay to live in a building with that space. This I believe would increase the value of that building and make it that more popular for buyers and renters.



As you see this could be a great venture for buildings in the future and this will also cut down on the cities carbon print, which will lower smog causing lower summer humidity keeping our city cooler during the summer months.


So I ask you why haven’t we seen this implemented yet?

I leave this thought up to you because you can see what I think should happen.

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