How to Re-Ignite the Printed Book

Nothing beats holding a book in your hands, feeling the pages between your fingers, and sitting or curling up in your favorite chair to immerse yourself in an imaginative fiction story, or in events from the past in a non-fiction book. So why is the printed book nearing it’s business cycle end, this has to do with our society being busier, and always on the go making portability a bigger feature we look for than anything else in a product or service.

With the technology age upon us and everything now in the cloud, it’s no wonder that we see big bookstores closing, and may be seeing the end to bookstore businesses. We still see some very successful small bookstores that create a special nicheĀ  to keep up clientele and keep in business by creating a place while on the go for people to still read a printed book creating a somewhat portable space.

With books not getting any smaller for easy transport, we see more and more people moving toward using eReaders to read their books on the go. This is causing huge losses for bookstores, but why is the bookstore coming to the end, and not working with how our technology age is transforming and using this to their advantage in increasing sales.

Just think back a few years when iTunes hit the market with digital movie downloads and rentals, we saw movie sales in stores drop, and the closing of huge video rental stores. The movie industry made a big and precise move to blend the disc movie, with the portability of our society in discs that come with digital downloads that you can watch on your laptop or handheld device. So why have we not seen this with the book industry.

Think about it hard, if you got a free digital download of a book you buy in stores, will this make you buy more books in store than buying a digital download from your phone, just because of the portability later when you read your new book. We are at a stage with our technology that companies can sync eBooks with printed books through the reading app that the digital download was viewed on so you can read from your eReader or phone while on the go, and read the printed copy when at home.

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