Project Ara, Does a customizable phone interest you?

Computer customization is becoming bigger today with more people building their own computers, especially with how easy it is to build and create your own customized computer that is suited best for what you need, and nothing extra.

Google is now bringing this to the phone market, Project Ara, and this could become as big or even bigger than the computer building community. The longer that Project Ara will be in the public’s hands, we could see some amazing advances in the phone customization field. As of now we only have one company that lets you customize your phone, but only the look of the phone, and only in the states.

When Project Ara launches for sale to the public, it will most likely be really costly to customize your phone to be as good as a current Samsung S4, but this type of phone system could become cheaper within a few years due to more companies developing the components for the phone platform.

For the whole story about Project Ara, and what Project Ara is, check Gigaom and an article by Kevin C. Tofel

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