How To Get An Interview Pt.2

When applying for jobs you can be discouraged after you’ve applied for many positions without an end. Using tools like social media can help increase the individuals that see you, and showing that you have passion in your field will make you a better candidate. Most companies are looking for people who are passionate and willing to go above and beyond.

Studies have shown that people who are passionate in their field are more creative in their decisions and improve company profits through out-of-the-box ideas. Being a positive employee that gives everything even after hours because of their passion for their work and the company, this is what every company wants.

You want to show how passionate you are about your field,  showing that you have a positive attitude through social media, this shows companies that you are the candidate that they are looking for.

If you want a job, invest in LinkedIn by creating a professional profile, even upgrading to the business plan giving you a bigger reach on LinkedIn. After finishing your profile use all the social networks you have to link to your profile, and let everyone know you have made a profile.

Making a professional Twitter account to let everyone know your ideas is another way to increase your reach by posting what you are thinking, and links to articles that you loved that pertains to your field. Follow people who are the top in your field and always write a personal message to each new Twitter follower linking them to your LinkedIn or Facebook profile so you can get to know them better increasing your connections.

In today’s job market, knowing the right people can boost your career and helping you reach your dream job quicker than any other way. Use your connections, and keep in contact with them, it’s even easier today to stay connected so make sure you do there are no excuses in this day in age.

Stay tuned for some more articles about how to get an interview in today’s job market.

Remember to leave any comments below, or if you have any questions.

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