Website Ads: Finding the Median

With website ads generating more income year after year for websites, even generating 6-7 figures a year depending on website traffic, then why are we seeing TV channel websites now only let you view their shows after being aired on TV, but only if you are currently a paying customer of a TV provider?

To me, making customers pay to see shows that have already aired on TV is a way to lose traffic to your website, in turn lowering your ad revenue. When you look at websites that let you view shows that are currently running a new season this year, they generate high amounts of traffic to their site, and even though they are riddled with ads, most internet users flock to these sites to keep up with their current shows.

TV providers are charging more to watch TV stating you will get loads of channels, but what they don’t tell you is that half of these channels are the same channel just in a different time zone (with Bell Satellite TV) and you end up paying more than you should for regular programing. As TV providers increase their prices, we see more competition entering the market and we see more people leave TV altogether and embracing the internet for their viewing experience.

Netflix and Hola have used the increasing costs of TV providers to their advantage by providing cheap on demand TV and movie viewing. This is the new age of how people will watch TV, especially with Netflix bringing their own original programing experience. One thing we haven’t seen which I believe will help Netflix gain more investment is running ads between shows, I mean after you have watched a full episode since most Netflix users watch multiple shows together. This would allow Netflix to grow without blasting its already loyal customers with ads like YouTube has done as of late.

I got a little bit off topic but what I mean by all this is if you push away your website traffic with unwanted garbage, or annoying pop up ads then you will lose your websites revenue. Finding the perfect balance of ads to the content on your page can help you gain the most through your ads. We’ve all seen or been to the websites that are riddled with ads that turn us away from them, it makes the site look more sloppy and cheap.

I think an advertising that does it best is Google Search Ads, having you see ads for keywords you are looking for turning that ad into a revenue monster because of the more clicks that it will receive over the same ad then anywhere else. Finding  ads that go with the content on your website or blog will help increase the clicks it would receive, especially finding a way to make it look like it belongs on your site, not looking like the average website ad.

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