We All Want More Money!

In this day of age everyone is looking for the next get rich quick scheme, or an easier way to make money without all the hard work. I have been looking for a way to earn some money on the side of school, and a running some social media sites. I came upon PaidSocialMediaJobs.com which helps individuals with social media skills post tasks that they can complete and how much they are looking for after the job is complete.

I have been trying PaidForSocialMediaJobs.com for a  bit now and have made a little extra money with only completing a few jobs. It is annoying that they make you pay a fee before you can use their survives, but it is a one time fee that gives you a chance to reach a bigger target. The website also has informational videos for people not so technology inclined and how they can make money through this service.

Once I setup which took longer than expected, and its annoying that they try and get more money from you through a video after paying, but if you check your email you will find the link that you want to go to and log in information.

There are some drawbacks with this service which is they don’t just have a lot of jobs posted on the site and there is some competition, meaning you might have to low-ball to make some extra money. I used it during my downtime, so I wasn’t making any money anyways so the little extra, just to low-ball was fine for me. I wouldn’t recommend this for someone looking for an alternative than a job, but its a nice service to use to bring in a little extra income.

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