BBM Might Be Blackberry’s Saviour

Blackberry has been big in the news lately after launching BBM to the iPhone and Android operating systems, and businesses should be on the bang wagon to use the BBM app. Blackberry is still the leader in security when it comes to mobile devices, they proved this when the US government approved using Blackberry’s platform for their mobile devices, and BBM is still the most secure messaging app out so far.


BBM works by taking your message and encrypting it, it then travels securely to the person’s smartphone you are sending the message to, where it is decrypted with the key stored there so they can view the message, keeping out all prying eyes. BBM also incurs lower costs since BlackBerry messages are sent as data and not as individual messages that charge per message as regular SMS texting. BBM also has no limit on the amount of messages sent per month, or the amount of letters per message which SMS texting has a limit of 160 characters. BBM has faster messages that are real time and lets users carry on multiple conversations with other users and participate in group chats. All these features are unavailable through traditional SMS texting. With BBM’s new update on the iPhone, and Android phones add geolocation, and voice calling making BBM an easy choice when looking for a messaging app.


This picture is showing how BBM encryption works

Communication within a company is what makes or breaks a company today. Communication is one of the backbones, since without proper communication you cannot give the correct jobs to the correct employees, or those employees may not understand what exactly needs to be done. Communication is also a backbone towards the customer service side of your company as well, since if you don’t understand what your customers want, how can you serve them better.

Blackberry proved they still had a massive following with their BBM messaging app when they had over 10 million downloads within 24 hours of the app being available for download which is astounding for Blackberry, the same company that was at the brink of bankruptcy only a month before the app launch and have been on the decline for the last couple of years with the introduction of the iPhone and Android operating systems.

BBM could regain Blackberry’s name, but not with its operating system, but with their messaging app. It may be a little late for BBM with all the other great messaging apps out there like Whatsapp, and iPhone’s iMessage, but there is still a chance for BBM with its easy interface and its secure messaging. We could see businesses using this new app to help improve communication within its company and improve efficiency in group settings.

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