Should Software Source Code Be Available For Free?

As society becomes more technology inclined we see more people being able to design their own websites, to create their own programs that help perform tasks easier on their computer. Since society is becoming more technology inclined a big question becomes more prominent in communities of software designers, this question is;

‘Should software source code be free and available to the public?’

There is a community called the Open Source Initiative that thinks that software source code should be available to the public for free and its their duty to make this possible.

With having source code available to the public, we could as a society improve this code making it more secure and can be tweaked for each individual to their preferences. To understand this better, think about an open operating system called Linux that has been bettered by the technology society through open source code that can be tweaked to a persons preferences that other individuals could download and use themselves. Linux is not a widely used operating system for the faint of heart, but for individuals that design apps, games, and software do use this operating system because of the openness of this system. Over the years we have seen Linux rise up becoming a more popular operating system due to the openness and ability to customize the experience toward your use.



We are heading into an era where the young believe everything should be free, so is this the reason behind the movement, or should source code be free for the world to tweak improving the product where the developers left off?

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