Gas Price Ceiling & Canadians Economy

Sorry about the late post this week. I have been dealing with some car troubles all week, which has been taking up my extra time. With cars on the mind I have written this short article about how I feel about gas prices in Canada, and what a price ceiling on gas could do for our economy as Canadians.

There has been a rapid increase of vehicles on the roads due to our economy being in a recovery from the depression of 2008. It makes me wonder why gas prices are rising and not falling with the increase in gas consumption from the extra new vehicles that have hit the road this past year.

The reasons why gas is so high is just a smoke screen from the real reason why….

The people who make money from oil sales are greedy and don’t care about what a price ceiling on gas prices can have on our economy, even seeing more sales in newer vehicles, and increase revenue for hotels, motels, and camps alike. When you look at the data of oil prices it makes no sense that gas has inflated by the amount it has in such little time.

Now think about this;

If gas had a ceiling price of $1/litre in Canada, would that change the way you would drive in a sense of taking more trips and would it change the way you spend your money?

I mean this in a way of gas station owners, would you enter the gas station and buy more products from them if gas prices are lower than if they are higher?

I ask these questions to make you really think about how you view a gas price change in your own way.

Are economy is in a recovery, but how quickly would we have recovered from the recession if gas prices were placed at a max price of $1 in 2008. We also see the price of everyday items go up in price due to delivery of these products. The increase in food costs of fresh produce making it hard for families to eat healthy without breaking their food budget for the month because of the high delivery fees just making its way down the line. If we look at what the decrease in gas price per litre would do for the whole of Canada, it would help us reach prosperity and setting the tone for every other country.

Most people don’t know that the oil companies and the government were using a tactic before the summer of 2013 by stating gas prices could hit $1.50/litre, making everyone scared of the huge price hike. Once the summer came we only saw gas at a whopping $1.30/litre but because of the early scare of a price hike of $1.50 most were relieved not knowing this was just a tactic so the general public would not be mad when the prices skyrocketed. It gets even worse when you start reading articles about ‘Phantom Gas’ and realizing that the government needs to put more policies in place to control the big oil companies for the sake of drivers everywhere.

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