Social Media: In Real Life It’s Just Weird

Video posted by BuzzFeedVideo

BuzzFeedVideo has made a funny and intriguing video into the way we use social media and how awkward it would be to use our social media etiquette in real life situations, and if you haven’t seen it, I would recommend a watch. The video has over 4 million views for a reason due to its insightful way it shows how weird social media makes us act and that if you thought about how you write your tweet or your update, can be very over exaggerated and attention seeking.

It takes a few good stabs at Twitter about how you follow people and the hashtag system for reaching more people. It’s very creepy in a sense, making you seem like a stalker since you follow all the person’s thoughts and what they are doing at a point in time. The video also brings up how attention seeking that using a hashtag in your tweet is and how stupid it would sound saying it out loud to a group of people, but as its social media we don’t bat an eye.

Facebook’s ‘like’ is another social media feature that would be weird to use everyday, especially with the things that people like on Facebook, well the part about announcing it to your peers and people around you. Liking a photo someone took is not considered peculiar in todays society, just announcing it out loud around people, so Facebook is more focused to society’s norms than Twitter. You follow friends that you meet, or catch up with long lost friends from your childhood connecting you and helping you stay in contact easier with more people than before. The video does take some stabs at Facebook but the only feature with Facebook that might be a little out of norm is the over sharing of photos, links, videos, and updates.


When you think about it, it seems weird that what we do and say on social media is just an everyday thing that we don’t think about, but when you put it into perspective as you performing the tasks that these social media hubs do in a real life sense then it becomes awkward and out of place.

We over look what privacy we have when using social media and how we use it because it is natural in our society today, even older people are getting on board with social media but for keeping connected with family.

I hope you enjoyed my article, and leave a comment below about what you thought.

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