Russia Has Set the Bar High for Future Olympics

With all the photos and complaints from Olympic athletes about their awful accommodations at Sochi it was looking like Russia may have stuck their foot in their mouth, but after the extravagant opening ceremonies on Feb 7, they aimed high in entertainment going over the top over every olympics before them and setting a high bar for future olympics.

Leading up to the Olympics in Sochi it looked like it was leading to a disaster when the athletes were heading towards social media with photos ranging from outrageously funny, and disturbingly disgusting. With Sochi being the most expensive Olympics ever most would think that it would have been ready for the athletes arrival, not still under construction.

article-2550427-1B25997500000578-502_634x445Heres a photo from two athletes in the bathroom stall.

Twitter was full of hilarious photos like these showing that Sochi was not fully ready for the Winter Olympics this year, but what Olympics has ever started without a few hitches. For what needs to be done in the amount of time given to be ready is a very small window when you look at what countries do to get ready to hold the Olympics.

When we look at the way Russia showed its performance in the art of dance, ballet, and theatre through the opening ceremonies it over shined all the problems before that.

Russia blew everyones mind and hopefully the Olympics finish without a hitch. I wish the Canadian athletes good luck and I will be watching online from

Please leave a comment below about your view on the opening ceremonies, and the funny tweets by athletes before the games.

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