Social Media is Changing the Marketing Game

With everyone living a fast-paced life and smartphones becoming a norm for every individual it’s no wonder the pull that social networks have on society. With this big pull towards social networks there comes a plus for companies because of the gigantic information that these sites gain about their users creating a new way to reach your target market with minimal costs.

Let’s just look at how companies have used these social networks to create a buzz about their company or product without spending a dime. The latest example I can use is with Super Bowl XLVIII and J.C. Penney, which I am sure you have heard about it, if not here are the details.

J.C. Penney sent out a tweet “Who kkmew theis was ghiong tob e a baweball ghamle. #lowsscorinh 5_0” that was thought to be a PR nightmare, from either having their account hacked or a disgruntled employee, but as it seems this brought a lot of attention to J.C. Penney during the Super Bowl without costing them a penny and started a media frenzy on Twitter with companies trying to find a way to be relevant in the proper amount of time to cash in on this as well.


Coors Light came back with a tweet within an hour “@JCPenney We know football goes great with Coors Light, but please tweet responsible.”


Making J.C. Penney one of the most talked about companies after the Super Bowl. J.C. Penney did clarify why the tweets it posted were misspelled later with a picture and the caption “#TweetingWithMittens”. This shows you how well you can utilize these networks to gain followers, and with the new advertising for Twitter it will help you gain a bigger audience and use sponsored hashtags to reach an even bigger fan base.

It will be an interesting time on Twitter when the Olympics start, especially for companies trying to get their name/product out by using hashtags around the Olympics and by coming up with funny or ingenious ways to make a relevant topic that works with what is going on.

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