TTC, An Idea for A New Advertising Campaign!

With living in Toronto you have access to one of the best public transit systems in the world. It is an inexpensive way to get around the city, it may take a little longer than a car, but at least you don’t have to drive around looking for parking. The TTC has faults, as any public service that is funded by the government. After spending many hours riding the red rocket around Toronto there are somethings I have noticed that maybe the TTC should notice as well.

When you step onto the streetcar you are welcomed by the driver, most drivers in Toronto are very nice people and seem to enjoy their job, but the first thing you notice when walking to find a seat is either garbage on the floor, or that the streetcar is overcrowded. The overcrowded part is just an everyday thing when riding the TTC and they can’t help it with all the traffic in the downtown core, after all this causes backups down the line causing the overcrowding. The garbage however is something that could be easily fixed. Most garbage on the streetcar seems to be coffee cups, or transfer tickets, by integrating a garbage or recycling bin into the streetcar could solve most of the garbage issues giving a place for travellers to place their trash.

Now once you find a seat or a spot to stand you will start to notice what everyone else does while riding the TTC. Most travelers on the TTC will read the newspaper or a book, listen to their music, or play games on their phone or surf the web.


Now here is a question, how many of you actually read the sponsor ads that are on the streetcar?

Most people don’t causing these ads to go unnoticed, especially by the passengers that companies are targeting. The marketing ads that the TTC provides companies with an unexciting way of advertising their product or company and need to develop a better advertising platform. The TTC’s ads could be their ‘saving grace’ by contributing a significant amount of money towards increasing its budget. With marketing being a big expense by companies today, capitalizing on these companies marketing needs is the right direction for a public company relying on government funds.

The people who use the TTC the most that spend the most money day-to-day are students of either high school or post-secondary and they are the ones listening to music or on their phone. Being the TTC would it not make more sense to find a company that would partner with them to provide a free wi-fi service on all lines and routes, in exchange for their companies logo on all TTC vehicles. A good choice for the TTC would be talking to Rogers communications to provide the free wi-fi for their fleets, particularly for the reason that the streetcars in Toronto are considered by Torontonians the Red Rocket.

If TTC had their fleets providing free wi-fi on all routes they could change their marketing campaigns for companies, even have them provide short video commercials that could be played as the transit passes or comes close to the business, or they could have ads play at random every so many minutes while riders are using the wi-fi. This would provide more incentive for companies to pay for advertisement with the TTC ,and could provide companies with stats about how many people see their ads and how many people click on their ads. Having an advertising service that can provide companies with information on their reach with their marketing campaign is a valuable asset since everyone knows the more information a marketing team can use and gain the better the ad can target the correct market.

Thank you for reading my article, and hopefully you enjoyed reading it. Please come back for more intriguing articles.

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