Utilizing Your Time By Using Your Smartphone

With being a student I find that I don’t have a lot of time to learn new skills or increase my knowledge that I could use for my resume or in an interview to help my chances of being hired, even just finding the time to learn new skills and increase my knowledge of things that are an interest to me can be a pain.

To be as efficient as possible with using the little time that I have, I started to use the little time I had on public transit to learn something that I have always wanted to do. With cellphones today you are walking around with a mini laptop that has so many apps that can increase your knowledge and skills, that using these apps I have been slowly learning a second language. If you are interested in learning a second language on your spare time I would highly recommend Duolingo. These apps that can help increase our knowledge are huge assets as people have less time to themselves, especially with all the distractions of everyday life. Just by figuring out your daily routine you to could increase your knowledge or learn a new skill without anyone knowing.

Utilizing a smartphone with the little time you have, either waiting for the bus, or during your break can be an asset. Using automation apps, I have my phone change settings depending on what WiFi I am connected to, or what I am doing on my phone to lessen the time I’m on my phone changing settings when I get to school or using a certain app. I currently use MacroDroid and have found it works really well. I have my phone set to read out messages I receive while driving, then opens up Google Now so I can reply without using my hands.

There are so many possibilities that you can do now with your smartphone to save time with everyday little tasks and help increase your productivity, or make your day a little simpler. I have found that Android is one of the best operating systems for finding these possibilities and decreasing your time with changing settings or fiddling with your phone.

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